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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  October 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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excitement in the air and a lot of tire eyes and the news room this morning. this is what we're seeing right nor golden gate bridge camera. this is pointed in the direction where we may see some rain later on today. this system may be targeting the north bay. in this looks like the main event is going to happen tonight through the night into tomorrow morning. but it won't be much for the most of the bay area. it will target the lord spake here is where it is right now. it's solely tracking its weight in our direction. as the at the other day the chance of this chemicals increases. the isolated showers are potential for the north bay. it's in the lotus mid-60s and by 3 this afternoon the chance of showers increases. locally we could see some decent brent upwards of an inch.
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area could be back bone dry. i'll explain why as we look at your future cast for. in any event look for that that will come up at 6:15 a.m..
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game as a pinch-hitter in the same. he ties the game with a home run. and of course the big home run with the giants in san francisco and the ninth and the bottom of the ninth travis' hit over the wall in a three run home run with a six to three walk off home run. they reminisced the most famous shot ruml world. the new york giants in 1951. and now orange toleware is a great for the team but even better for the fans. >>: reporter: good morning and we are quiet out here not anything a half-hour ago. the was a capacity for at&t card. last night they were over that period there was a hundred and three at capacity. 43,217 people were in the stands last night.
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what a show they got. they got it unbelievable everybody went home happy there is a delirious fans after the game they took to the streets of san francisco of son of the at&t park with the corner of third inking. this never gets old for giants fans. this was the third time in five years they went to the world series. but they loved the giants. >>: reporter: after the game last night they were talking and celebrating. this is one of
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those moments where there was 43,217 people and son of the ball park last night i have a feeling that in five years maybe 10 years about half a million people will say they were at that game last night. all of us that watch that game last night it was such a dramatic way to send your team to the world series. the travestying story is storybook. it's so many ways. the giants were in the world series.
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weekend. it's great and exciting could be more perfect. stay with kron 4 we have everything giant statue need to know about the world series. this will be throughout the newscasts and upon kron, so we have you covered from the bay to here.
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early this afternoon with some light showers of the north a clause. as we take it looked at the future cast for the main event which is scheduled for tonight. it p.m. friday night israel the clock set right now. we're going to fast forward through tomorrow afternoon. we will notice the shower is a basically impacting just the north bay.
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the south bay and the north bay. get those weather updates.
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starting the retrofit work years ago. there could still played on the incline section it created major delays. perhaps it may get a little better as the drivers get accustomed to appear yet looking at your ride to the cemetery ridge it's still pretty good here for the west bound drive time is only at 13 minutes.
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lead we forecast the delays that would disappear and that has. the north bay ride looks could drive times are under 25 minutes as you head south.
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had a possible exposure. the government officials say that they are not allowing the ship to any of the passengers to deport. the now transporting the woman in the heisman back to the u.s..
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commercial flights. frontier airlines is notifying up to 800 people for multiple flights. they could have been exposed to ebola.
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sent out an e-mail say that the dozen health concern to keep everyone safe.
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area for 15 seconds. people remember that day to day and talking about being ready for the next big one. >>: reporter: right behind me is the salvation army they're putting and cooking display early this morning showing you the type of meals that you can create with items in your pantry of your stuck in your partner home up to three days after the earthquake. the masses this morning is about being prepared. that was true 25 years ago today. 25 years ago of magnitude 6.9 earthquake struck and battled nurse and the title date. this was the worst property damage. this killed dozens. part of the upper deck in the bay bridge also collapsed killing one person. 63 people died. the property damage was
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about $6 billion. >>: reporter: there recall little off-guard. the good news is we've really involved in the past 25 years. for this is a very well practiced well organized and trained and exercising. back out here live there were plenty events taking place all across the bay area today and other cooking demonstration going on and and for the export the had the earthquaked mr. display from noon to 7:00. the message is really about being prepared for food and water to three days. they felt confident that the parts across the bay area are also prepared to respond to the earthquakes. for some things don't change. the services go dancer now on the world series. now it was 25 years ago.
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headlines for today you could see mostly cloudy we have spotty afternoon showers about 8:00 p.m. and beyond.
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of the bridge in because of that the steel plates have been installed over the work. this is the west and of the construction zone and that's what traffic is backed up. and learn : reporter: they have been so busy basically for last 24 hours the taking a break they started planning the t-shirts for the women's and men's even children
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around 8:00 last night. even for the giants they won the game against the cardinals here is the first sample they will be at a store near you. we only pennant. it's a long sleeved t- shirt and for $35 a few do wanted it's yours. they've printed out 25,000. joining me now with the printing process is mike smith with graphics sportswear. this is like the third time fi does this ever get old? >>: it never gets old it's kid so little easier for is actually. >>: reporter: you started printing before the giants clinched the pennant. >>: we have to the fans after the game, of the seat that want to know where still a t-shirt. >>: reporter: when the left the ballpark that went to the store
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and they were ready to grab their shirts. >>: reporter: the started call your is it any more right now? milan >>: the coming year to pick up more shirts. this could be a practice room. >>: reporter: when the giants win the world series is going to be even busier for you right? >>: yes their becoming world champions again. >>: reporter: monday to shreds did you plant? >>: 2010 was the first time. repro was sold 80,000 shirts total. >>: reporter: this man is responsible for all 80,000 shirts. he is michael martin with majestic printing company for major-league baseball. what is your job in this? >>: i need to make sure they get to their destination and their printed and the proper all let's and sporting goods stores. not
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just in san francisco but anywhere like 01 southern california. anywhere can get a shirt for the time. >>: reporter: this is serious business in a take down license plates and travers license right? when >>: went to make sure that everyone that comes in as legitimate. everyone gets their shirts. >>: reporter: just in case the box these t-shirts and ready to go if we stop by the kron 4 station will make sure that that does not happen. 35 $and $28 for the teacher. >>:
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with kron 4 as we continue to follow the giants. why more coverage throughout the newscasts and next week's full coverage has restored crews to join the giants. take a look care the ball park this morning as we get more from kron 4 jackie sissel on the incredible when yesterday's. is a chance of rain and the forecast and especially in the north and a big backup already in the bay bridge. look at all these children. they all lost their lives because of
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the west, into the toll plaza on friday morning wore on the rest of the they were looking at a later traffic. on 90 to in the san mateo bridge filling defined pretty good conditions here are not tracking any major delays which are starting to slow because it's friday it's a little better than usual base.
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world series it's much more of the celebration on our web site.
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luggage tours begin to pop open in north bay. temperatures and below the mid '60s. by 3:00 this afternoon the chance of showers builds the storm system will mainly impact of north bay. we're cutting just along the northern california coastline. will watch it will track it and when it comes back and be 715 for full check of the forecasts.


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